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Flexible Packaging

With no shape of its own, a flexible package can adapt readily to its contents then compress easily when it’s time to recycle, sending less to the landfill. Flexible packaging materials are used to create a barrier between your product and the environment —to preserve freshness and block excess moisture, light and oxygen, which can affect the quality of food or medication. 
Flexible packaging means using fewer resources to manufacture (including energy) and creating less waste. In addition, lightweight flexible packaging improves transportation efficiency, reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Manufacturing process and materials

 Extrusion to conversion
  • Multiple clean rooms – to Class 100
  • ½” to 82” W; 1.5 – 10 mil thickness
  • PE, PP, Tyvek, nylons
  • Barrier films – MVTR, oxygen, biohazard
  • Static control materials
  • Bubble, foam and foil
  • Autoclavable

Applications and capabilities

Custom bags for the medical, electronic and consumer product markets
  • Custom bags
  • Protective packaging – antistat and barrier properties
  • Tubing and sheeting
  • Multiple constructions: flat, zipper, gusset, grommets, Velcro tabs, multi-pocket, multi-layer, hangers