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Earth friendly packaging materials not only reduce solid waste in landfills, but reduce the weight of the package and greenhouse gas emissions.
Sustainable packaging differentiates your product from your competitors’ while sending a positive brand message.
Sustainability is a core value at PKG Packaging and we pledge to do everything possible to support our customers—and the planet—in creating and delivering environmentally friendly custom packaging.
With two ISO certifications to back up our commitment—ISO 14001:2004 (internal sustainability) and ISO 9001:2008 (external sustainable packaging compliance)—we strive to continuously improve our products and services by reducing and eliminating operational and environmental impacts and to prevent pollution and waste. We are proud to say we take it further than what our customers expect and require. We call it “beyond compliance.”

Your Material Advantage

PaperFoam, for example, provides your customers with a unique material advantage—a molded cushion that is custom-fitted to protect your product until it arrives in the consumer’s hands. But just as important, PaperFoam is biodegradable and compostable, so it leaves no vestige of itself in a landfill. PKG Packaging is a proud representative in the U.S. for the Holland-based PaperFoam company.
The material advantages to you for choosing PaperFoam over plastic include the elimination of solid waste, reduced weight for your packaging (versus plastic), reduced CO2 emissions and the accolades from your customers, who may very well notice your sustainable packaging efforts, may tell their friends, and may reward you by continuing to buy from you, which constitutes a considerable return on your packaging investment.