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If serious concerns for the environment influence your custom packaging decision, consider PaperFoam®. As its name suggests, it provides lightweight, molded, protective cushioning for your fragile products, but just as critical to you and your customers, PaperFoam is completely biodegradable, even compostable.
PaperFoam is a starch-based product—using all natural ingredients, and offering a unique alternative to traditional packaging materials. It is formed through injection molding, allowing infinite freedom of design, detail and colors.
With a four-star bio-based Vinḉotte rating, PaperFoam is manufactured without using fossil fuels, presents a low carbon footprint from renewable resources and is recyclable in the wastepaper stream.

PaperFoam is Customizable

  • Made from 100% natural resources: starch, water, natural fiber and premix
  • Fully customizable to your specifications for shape, size, colors, embossing
  • Excellent fitting and cushioning for fragile products
  • Dust free and antistatic
  • Featherlight
  • Anti-piracy

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