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Our Story

A leader in the packaging industry, PKG Packaging is an innovative provider of high impact product packaging solutions.
The company works in partnership with suppliers and customers to meet the challenges of getting more impact for product brands with less impact on the bottom line and the environment. PKG Packaging is a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, and committed to protecting the environment.
The right package can sell a product, and work as a valuable customer retention tool. At PKG Packaging, we believe that beautiful, sustainable packaging is good for business, and the world. 
PKG Packaging delivers customized packaging solutions for consumer goods, medical and produce companies. With our commitment to continuous innovation, we find sustainable and cost-effective packaging, a material advantage designed to exceed clients’ expectations.

Medtronic recognizes PKG Packaging through its Supplier Diversity Partnerships initiative.Click here to read full article.

We work with high-quality manufacturers to deliver leading-edge packaging materials, such as PaperFoam and PKG Package Trays. PKG Packaging is the U.S. distributor of PaperFoam, a patented biodegradable solution made from 100 percent natural resources. PKG Package Trays are a high performance environmentally friendly barrier tray, which is FDA compliant for direct food contact.
PKG Packaging has helped minimize energy waste, increase recycling, raise greenhouse gas emission awareness, and reduce waste (through design changes, materials and space).
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