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Life Cycle Assessment

We play an important role as environmental stewards, educating our customers about waste and recyclability, introducing new, environmentally friendly materials and technologies, and offering sustainable packaging alternatives.”

Meg Roughan, President, PKG Packaging

To determine the environmental impact of a packaging product, PKG Packaging performs, at the customer’s request, a life cycle assessment—a cradle-to-grave analysis of production systems, from the source materials to the end of life. Output factors, such as energy consumption, waste and recyclability are taken in to account. The purpose of the life cycle assessment is to provide meaningful data to assist a company as it considers moving from plastic packaging to various forms of sustainable, compostable, biodegradable or recyclable packaging materials, such as PaperFoam, paperboard and/or corrugated.
Earth friendly packaging materials not only reduce solid waste in landfills, but reduce the weight of the package and greenhouse gas emissions, and may reduce packaging tax. Further, consumer polls show that retail buyers notice when companies use sustainable and recyclable packaging—and like it!
Sustainable packaging differentiates your product from your competitors’ while sending a positive brand message.
Ask your PKG Packaging representative to perform a life cycle assessment on your product and be prepared to think differently about your packaging.