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Markets Served

Since 1987, PKG Packaging has proudly and ably partnered with and served its core markets with complete packaging solutions, from design through manufacturing to distribution.

Consumer Electronics

Manufacturers of products such as mobile Bluetooth headsets and USB modems turn to PKG Packaging to deliver attractive, sensible and environmentally sustainable packaging to protect delicate consumer electronics.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Non-food consumer products—such as CDs and DVDs, pharmaceuticals and personal care items—surrounded in aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly packaging contribute to a positive experience for the consumer. PKG Packaging has design ideas to enhance your product so it stands out in the marketplace.
Advantages: Pouch versus Cans
More Efficient = Less Storage Space
Printing Quality =Better Brand Impact
Lighter = Less Transportation Costs
Durable = Lower Return Rate
Green = Lower Energy Consumed

Consumer Packaged Goods – Food & Produce

Effective produce packaging ranks among the world’s most critical needs. To keep produce fresh and provide a barrier against moisture, oil, grease and fatty acids, PKG offers a variety of high performance produce trays.  Environmentally friendly, using a white or clear mineralized coating (a preferable alternative to 100 percent polyethylene), and with up to 51 percent less plastic, PKG Produce Trays reduce greenhouse emissions.

Medical Devices

PKG Packaging has more than two decades of experience in medical device packaging, packaging assessment, design, program management and fulfillment. We understand the unique needs surrounding the protection of fragile medical-related products and we are pleased to be a partner serving in this critical area.