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Custom Packaging

“Specialized packaging” originated with the military, as it sought to protect expensive weapons from rust and corrosion. 
Outside of the military, packaging has been associated with utility, as form, fit and function as well as with lower costs. Conversely, it has also been used as the “silent salesman,” the marketing tool appealing to the consumer’s emotions with high-end materials, construction techniques and printing. 
It is also the key to ensuring an expensive product’s safe arrival at its destination, which is a critical factor.
We at PKG Packaging are fully equipped to attend to your specialized packaging requirements. We understand you may have applications that call for custom rather than stock materials, enhanced product protection, dramatic product presentation and/or innovative manufacturing processes.
We understand the value of increased shelf impact and shelf life, the use of new materials and solution-driven design; the added benefits of opening, use or reclosure features. We understand cost reduction through design, materials, manufacturing, packout or distribution. 
We will work with you to develop a superior package to meet or exceed your special requirements.