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PKG is a leading provider of design supported materials for a diverse customer group. To maintain leadership within our market and with our customers, we are sincerely committed to the following objectives: 
COMMITMENT TO OUR CUSTOMERS AND THE PUBLIC to continuously improve our products and services by reducing and eliminating operational/environmental impacts and prevent pollution and waste. goes beyond what our customers expect and require. Our goal and commitment is to become proactive in reducing and dealing with the green issues of sustainability and complying with applicable organizational and legal requirements as they pertain to our environmental aspects. Our Quality/Environmental Policy is available to all customers and the public. 
OPEN DOOR POLICY by always listening to our customers, employees, suppliers and any other interested parties without ramification. 
PRODUCT INTEGRITY to continuously communicate, monitor and inform our suppliers of requirements, expectations and changes, which will ensure optimum results and output. We will never deviate or take shortcuts where quality could be jeopardized, nor make operational decisions that could have significant impact on the environment. 
The Quality/Environmental Management System (Q/EMS) that we have established involves every member of our top management, all of whom are 100% committed to ensuring that the system remains effective and suitable. Top management is continuously committed to maintaining the integrity of the system and continuously will make all necessary resources available to our personnel. 
Each one of our employees will be encouraged, applauded and held accountable for finding ways to reduce, reuse, recycle and conserve natural resources. Every employee plays a vital role in bringing these principles to life. The development and empowerment of each employee is provided to ensure our continued prosperity.